Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

“The Salvation of the Soul”

“At the end of the European War, there was a huge celebration in London. The turnout was unprecedented in the history of London. The war had just concluded, and the soldiers were having a victory parade and were there to be welcomed by the crowd. As the soldiers paraded through, the people cheered and applauded. In the minds of many, were it not for the courage of these soldiers, England could not have been saved. The applause persisted as the soldiers marched onward step by step. While the units passed by rank after rank, suddenly, there was a crescendo of applause; in fact, many started weeping. The nobility saluted, and even the king took off his crown. What had happened? Trailing behind was car after car of soldiers who had either broken arms, injured legs, missing limbs, or serious wounds. These were the ones who were wounded in battle. They were received with the greatest honor and respect. The soldiers who marched ahead of them made it; however, the glory they received could hardly be compared to that of these wounded soldiers.
Those who are scarcely saved will enter into heaven on that day, but they will not have a rich and abundant entrance into God’s kingdom. If we have suffered on earth and forsaken things for the Lord’s sake, on that day we will enjoy what those wounded soldiers enjoyed in their triumphant procession. The applause will be loud, the praises will be great, and the glory will also be great. Every one of us should endure pain and suffer loss for the Lord’s sake. On that day, we will receive a crown on our head. Our soul must be saved. May we be poorer, may we suffer more, and may we forsake all for the Lord’s sake. May God bless us.”
2 PETER 1:10-11
“Therefore, brothers, be the more diligent to make your calling and selection firm, for doing these things you shall by no means ever stumble. For in this way the entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be richly and bountifully supplied to you.” The fact that these ones were called brothers shows that they were saved. However, they still needed to be more diligent to make their calling and election firm. Eternal life, once received, cannot be shaken. But in the kingdom, some shall be shaken.
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